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Chief Senachwine

Henry Presbyterian Church

Senachwine- Potawatomi: ( "Difficult Current") or Petchaho (supposedly from Potawatomi: "Red Cedar", was born in 1744 and died in the summer of 1831. He was a 19th century Illinois River Potawatomi chieftain. In 1815, he succeeded his brother Gomo as chieftain of their band and was one of the last major Potawatomi chieftains to live in the region.

A number of places in Illinois are named in his honor including
Senachwine Township in Putnam County, Illinois, Senachwine
 Creek, Senachwine Lake and the Lake Senachwine Reservoir.
Chief Senachwine stone

He succeeded his brother Gomo as head chieftain of the Illinois River band and was a signer of several treaties between the Potawatomi and the United States during the 1810s and 1820s.

 He was buried on a high bluff overlooking the village where he lived, and a wooden monument was placed on his grave. A black flag was also flown from a high pole placed next to the monument and could be seen from the gravesite for several years afterwards. Two years later, his band were removed to the Indian Territory and eventually settled in western Kansas. 

The Sons of the American Revolution chapter in Peoria, Illinois placed a bronze memorial plaque, engraved with his speech to Black Hawk pleading for peace prior to the Black Hawk War, at the supposed burial spot of Senachwine north of present-day Putnam County, Illinois on June 13, 1937. During the ceremony, an address was given by author P.G. Rennick. Five tribal members of the Potawatomi from Kansas were also in attendance during the ceremony.

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Gary and family 

Gary Wiskigeamatyuk, 5th great grandson of Chief Senachwine and wife Rosie, daughter Kayla and son Sen. (2015)

Gary & Nancy playing flutes 

Gary and Nancy playing Native American flutes at Chief Senachwine's grave site.


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